Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why isn't life after death discussed throughly in the Torah? Part 5


"The early ones, all of the seed of Adam and Noach's descendants, other than special individuals like Shem, Ever and Avraham, served the stars and denied Divine supervision of individual human beings. Those who believed in an eternal world followed them, and thought that Divine influence was entirely automatic, and nothing of its nature would change due to Divine wish... 

"Therefore, when Gd wished to purify Israel He arranged before them the deeds they would perform, to educate them [to know] that this world was created from total nothingness, and all of this came from Gd, in accordance with His Will and not automatically, and that He could alter nature at will, and that there were deeds Gd desired and deeds which angered Him… 

"If Gd had promised spiritual rewards in His covenant of guarding the mitzvot and His Torah, the Children of Israel would not have believed this, for they did not yet believe in Divine supervision! Therefore, He needed to promise them that which they could grasp with their senses, indicating definitively that He was supervising."

(Don Isaac Abarbanel, commentary to Vayikra 26:1)

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