Monday, January 5, 2015

Why isn't life after death discussed thoroughly in the Torah? Part 4


"The third answer [of seven that he presents, from various sources] is that persistence of the spirit, and its reward in accord with its perfection, are inherent in the nature of humanity. Spiritual success [survival?] is not one of the concepts which is received only from Divine religion; the conclusion of sense and logic mandates that Creation and the path of perfection of natural forms should include it, as philosophers have received in their analyses.

"It is known that the promise of the Divine Torah is not that nature should continue in its natural way, for then there would be neither reward nor punishment. All of her promises involve direction by Divine supervision, not the natural order. Therefore this was tied specifically to mitzvah observance and fulfillment, through supernatural miracles."

(Don Isaac Abarbanel to Vayikra 26:1)

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