Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Should one leave money to his children?


"When [Reish Lakish] died, he left behind a kav measure of saffron. He applied to himself [apparently negatively] Psalms 49:11, "'And they left their strength to others.'"

[Note: The kav is fairly small, but saffron was a valuable spice. I am not sure how to take this.]

(Talmud, Gittin 47a)

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  1. 1 qav = 24 kebeitzah
    Even with R Chaim Na'eh's 55cc kebeitzah, that's more than 1.3 liter or 180 gm (I used

    But at that point my research halted. A gm of saffron is about $7 today, depending on quality But they didn't have the farming nor importing technology we do, so that's likely irrelevant.