Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Popular acceptance of prophets, Part 2


In response to yesterday's comments, by Rabbi Saadia Gaon and Rabbi Yehudah haLevi, about the general population's recognition and acceptance of true prophets:

"It is difficult to digest these words, in the face of the way Israel related to their prophets - as recorded in Tanach - such as to Yirmiyah and Yechezkel and the like."

(Rabbi Yosef Kapach, Kuzari 1:103, footnote 88)

חג אורים שמח,

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  1. Ribbi Yosef el-Qafeh's comments reflect the Kuzari, but not Emunos veDei'os, as I suggested in a comment on the prior post. In EvD, the acceptance of a prophet is mandatory, and our rejecting them simply other examples of our sinfulness during that era. (And, for that matter, evidence of why we needed those prophets.)