Monday, September 29, 2014

Emulating Gd


[Note: The following passage seems to be a commentary on Bereishit 1:26-27, in which Gd is described as making humanity in His tzelem and demut.]

"One should emulate the deeds of his Creator, and then he will be aligned with the secret of the higher Form, tzelem and demut. Were he only to resemble the Form [designed by Gd] and not the actions, he would degrade that Form. People would say of him, 'His form is pleasant, but his deeds are ugly.'

"The essence of the tzelem and demut is in one's deeds; what good would it serve for one to have the heavenly Form, the demut of the form of his limbs, but not resemble his Creator in his deeds?"

(Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, Tomer Devorah 1)

Gmar tov,

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