Monday, August 11, 2014

Value your religious feeling - even if you don't understand it


"The terrible illness of this generation is not rooted in the heart, in emotion, desire or lawlessness, not in evil-doing hands or legs which rush to wickedness – although all of these are diseased and painful. The foundation of the illness is in the brain, the power of thought… Even without great analysis we see that the cause for all of the generation's ills is only in thought… 

"The inner cause which leads to all of these is the broad intellectual movement which has found a place in the minds of the working class, demanding an accounting of every store of emotion that ever existed in their hearts, whether via habit or education or heritage, a lot or a little, and they are unable to address all aspects with clarity. They imagine they have found [in themselves] only weak elements, unthinking emotion, cowardice or weakness without courage and the strength of life, and their hearts burn inside them. 

"Because they have not found a paved path to shine the light of intellect upon the most ancient emotions, those most beneficial for our nation, to elevate all of its specific elements to the height of the elevated mind… therefore, they disdain and negate [those emotions]…"

(Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook, Maamar haDor (

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