Thursday, August 7, 2014

Understand the mitzvah!


"The deeds of a person who does not understand the mitzvot and teachings of Gd are not dedicated to the Name of Gd. Since he does not understand the ways of service in the roots of the teachings, he certainly will not understand how they can become complete, in dedicating his heart to Gd while performing them. His every deed of service will be intended for something other than Gd, for he will be as though he was uncertain in the truth of his obligation, not knowing what dedication of is heart in performing them for Gd will require. As our sages said, 'The boor cannot be afraid of sinning, and an unlearned person cannot be pious.'"

(Rabbeinu Bachya, Chovot haLevavot, Shaar Yichud haMaaseh 4)

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