Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Seeing Gd", Part 3 of 3


"The first principle is the existence of the exalted Creator. Meaning, there exists something that is complete in all aspects of existence, and it is the cause of all that exists, and through Him is their survival, and from Him their survival flows… This is the first principle, as indicated by the statement, 'I am the Lord your Gd, etc.'

"The second principle is His unity. Meaning, this cause of everything is one. Not the unity of a species or a kind, and not like one entity which is of joined things, divisible into many individual parts, and not "one" like a body which is one in number but which can be divided and split infinitely. Rather, He is one, a unity which is entirely unlike any other unity. This is the second principle, as indicated by, 'Listen Israel, HaShem is our Gd, HaShem is one.'

"The third principle is the absence of any physicality for Him. This One is not a body and is not a force within a body, and no physical event – like motion or rest – happens to him… This is the third principle, as indicated by, 'For you did not see any image…'"

(Rambam, Commentary to Mishnah, Introduction to Sanhedrin Chapter 10)

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