Monday, August 26, 2013

My Shadow and me?


"Tehillim 121:5 says, 'Gd is your shadow.' Just as when you cry your shadow cries opposite you, and just as when you laugh your shadow laughs opposite you, so Gd is as a shadow."

ד' צלך מה הצל הזה כשאתה בוכה הוא בוכה נגדך, ואם אתה שוחק, משחק נגדך, כך הקב"ה הוא כבחינת הצל

(Midrash cited by Shelah in Toldot Adam, Shaar haGadol, as cited in Or haMeir [R' Zev Wolf haLevi] to Parshat Netzavim)

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