Monday, August 19, 2013

Gd doesn't teach you Torah


[The daily berachot recited before studying Torah – ברכות התורה – include a paragraph which ends by blessing Gd, "who teaches Torah to His nation, Israel." Here, Rambam opposes that text.]

"One who concludes the blessing, 'who teaches Torah', is mistaken. Gd does not teach it to us; rather, He instructed us to learn it and teach it. This is built on a fundamental principle of our faith, that performing mitzvot is in our hands, and Gd does not compel us to perform them or abandon them."

מי שחותם בהמלמד תורה, הוא טועה, לפי שהאלוקים אינו מלמדנו אותה, אלא צוונו ללומדה וללמדה, וזה בנוי על עיקר דתנו, והוא שעשיית המצוות (היא) בידינו, לא בהכרח מן האלהים לעשותן או להניחן.

(Responsum of Rambam #182)

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