Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Money: If you will give it, it will come


"When one pursues tzedakah, Gd makes money available to him, and he uses it for tzedakah."

(Talmud, Bava Batra 9b)

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  1. To quote R' Shimon Shkop (tr. mine):

    With this idea one can understand how charity has the effect of enriching the one who performs it, as the sages say on the verse "'aseir ta'aseir -- you shall surely tithe' -- tithe, so that you shall become rich -- shetis'asheir" [(Taanis 9a)]. Someone who is appointed over a small part of the national treasury who does a good job guarding at his appointment as appropriate will be next appointed to oversee a sum greater than that, if he is not promoted in some other way. If they find a flaw in his guard duty, no fine qualities to be found in him will help, and they will demote him to a smaller task. Similarly in the treasuries of heaven which are given to man. If he tithes appropriately, he satisfies his job of disbursement as he is supposed to conduct himself according to the Torah, giving to each as is appropriate according to the teachings of the Torah, then he will become wealthy and be appointed to disburse a greater treasure. And so on, upward and upward so that he can fulfill his lofty desire to do good for the masses through his stewardship of the treasury. In this way a man of reliable spirit does the will of his Maker.

    There is more on the topic before and after this snippet, ayin sham (the PDF is bilingual, including the original text of the introduction as well).