Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Divine Forgiveness


Preface: The Talmud here first defines avon and pesha as forms of intentional sin, and chata'ah as accidental sin. The Talmud is then bothered by Shemot 34:7, in which Moshe describes Gd as "forgiving avon, pesha and chata'ah", since one Gd will forgive intentional sin, it seems obvious that Gd will forgive acciental sin. The order in the sentence ought to be reversed.

"What does Moshe mean when he says that Gd 'forgives avon, pesha and chata'ah'? Moshe said before Gd: Master of the Universe! When Israel sins before You and repents, treat their intentional sin as though it was accidental."

(Talmud, Yoma 36b)

מהו שאמר משה נשא עון ופשע וחטאה? אמר משה לפני הקדוש ברוך הוא: רבונו של עולם, בשעה שישראל חוטאין לפניך ועושין תשובה - עשה להם זדונות כשגגות

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