Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pesach: No roast?


Many communities avoid eating roast at the seder, because the korban pesach is roasted and we lack this korban in our own day. Several reasons are offered to explain why the korban pesach is specifically roasted over a flame, including the idea that royalty can afford to lose the fat during the roasting process, and the idea that this demonstrates the haste of the original Pesach night (when compared to boiling).

Some communities even avoid eating roast during the daytime of the first (and second, outside of Israel) day of Pesach, but most communities do not have this practice. (See Beit Yehudah Orach Chaim 51, Magen Avraham 473:8, Shaarei Teshuvah 473 צלויה and Yechaveh Daat 3:27.)

חג כשר ושמח,

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