Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Haggadah: The Structure of Maggid


Many people get lost in Maggid, because of its length and because of the way it transitions between biblical verses and midrashic explanation. In truth, though, the structure is fairly simple:

1. Why do we have a seder? To commemorate our departure from Egypt
Mah Nishtanah - Four questions about the unique character of the night
Avadim Hayyinu - We are commemorating the slavery in Egypt, and we were redeemed
Maaseh, R' Eliezer, R' Elazar - This miracle remains a part of our lives until Mashiach
Baruch haMakom through Vihigadita - Commemoration requires education of our children

2. What is the story of Pesach?
The story of our initial idolatry and eventual suffering in Egypt
The redemption

3. We commit ourselves to thank Gd for these miracles
Kamah ma'alot through Rabban Gamliel - Our duty to honour and transmit the Divine Will
Bchol dor vador through psalms of praise - We stand as one in our praise of G-d

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