Monday, March 18, 2013

Haggadah: The Message of Motzi


Some Haggadot count Motzi as a section of the Haggadah unto itself, separate from the section called Matzah, because two unique blessings are recited upon the matzah, the blessing of hamotzi and the blessing of al achilat matzah.

Rav Kook suggests that Motzi deserves its own section, because the berachah itself - hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz - conveys a unique message about our national redemption.

Normally, blessings recited before eating food speak of Gd as a creator, borei. Here, though, we bless G-d who is motzi, who "brings bread out of the ground." Rav Kook explains that other foods are accessible in raw form, but bread, by definition, is a processed product, not a raw material. In order to eat bread, one must take the raw grain, grind it, add water and then bake it. This is the process of "bringing bread out of the ground," and this bears the title of Motzi.

The Motzi phenomenon affects the Jew as well. In Egypt we were a raw material, which needed the processing of redemption. Today, too, we exist within humanity, but our exposure to Torah processes us, aiding us in emerging in a new form, with which to provide benefit to the world.

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