Sunday, March 10, 2013

Haggadah: Karpas


The third section of the Haggadah is "Karpas".

We are taught to eat something which grows from the ground at this point in the seder. "Karpas" was a known type of vegetation in Talmudic times (see Mishnah Sheviit 9:1 and Succah 39b). However, the Talmud does not mention eating karpas at the seder; the Talmud (Pesachim 114a-b) actually recommends lettuce, and expresses a preference for a vegetable which will not qualify as marror. The idea is to dip something in order to cause children to ask questions.

For this reason, some [including the Torczyner family] actually offer banana and pineapple for dipping at the seder. Dipping these fruits in vinegar or salt water is certain to cause children to ask questions, and it will also provide them with an enduring reminder that the correct berachah for these fruits is borei pri ha'adamah.

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