Monday, March 11, 2013

Haggadah: Yachatz


In the Haggadah's fourth section, Yachatz, we break a matzah into two pieces. One of the pieces is put aside for consumption as the "afikoman" dessert at the end of the meal. The other piece is kept and held with the other two matzot used for Hamotzi, symbolizing the broken matzah of a pauper.

Rav Kook explained that the pauper's matzah represents materialism and the world of necessity, and the dessert matzah represents a broader existence, in which one is free to focus on spiritual growth.

We break the matzah into these two parts in order to demonstrate that the two co-exist in our world. One should not live a purely material existence, thinking only of filling one's needs. However, one should not think himself fully spiritual and elevated, and so forget that needy people around him are living hand-to-mouth.

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