Monday, April 9, 2012

Triumphant Kindness - The 4th day of the Omer


The Sephirah of the Omer's first week is Chesed. Chesed is kindness which motivates a person to give of himself - physically, financially, emotionally - to another.

However, the Sephirah of the fourth day of each Omer week is Netzach. Netzach is victory, triumphing over obstacles internal and external.

The combined Sephirah for Day 4 of the Omer is Netzach sheb'Chesed, "victorious kindness". This title suggests kindness which involves a triumph over difficulty and adversity.

Many obstacles prevent us from feeling and acting kind; one challenge is a lack of appreciation for others. "Netzach" summons us to meet this challenge and reach out; as the Talmud (Bava Metzia 32b) notes, aiding an enemy is more important than aiding a friend.

The fourth day's Sephirah reminds us that our kindness should extend beyond the cases which are simple and obvious, to be expressed toward all in need.

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