Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 15 of the Omer - Generous Splendour


The Sephirah of the Omer's third week is Tiferet. Tiferet is splendour and beauty, that which is admired by others and by Gd; it is proper to act in a way which will garner such admiration.

In addition, the Sephirah of the first day of each Omer week is Chesed. Chesed is kindness which motivates a person to give of himself - physically, financially, emotionally - to another.

The combined Sephirah for Day 15 of the Omer is Chesed sheb'Tiferet, "generous splendour".

Other people may admire us, and Gd may praise us, for many good reasons - personal piety, brilliant erudition, hard work, and so on. We need to develop many such admirable traits, of course, and some of these splendid characteristics will be celebrated later in the week of Tiferet. The first day of the week, though, instructs us to earn Divine and human respect through our generosity toward others.
Tonight's Sephirah instructs us to take our first step toward splendour by helping others.

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