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Bereishit 33:12-16 says:
And Esav said: Let us travel and go, and I will go alongside you.
And Jacob replied: My master knows that the children are soft and my sheep and cattle are nursing their young; if they would hasten one day, all of the sheep would die. Let my master pass before his servant; I will travel at my slow pace, according to the task before me and according to the needs of the children, until I will meet my master in Se'ir.
And Esav said: I will delegate to you some of the nation who are with me.
And Jacob replied: Why would this find favour in the eyes of my master?
And Esav returned that day to his path, to Se'ir.

To which R' Naftali Tzvi Yehudah Berlin (Netziv) commented:

"Esav understood from this that Yaakov's loving company with him was only due to temporary need, and that the idea of companionship with him and his men in general was not pleasing to him, and that Yaakov's eye was really toward dwelling securely, alone."

(Haamek Davar to Bereishit 33:1)

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