Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Waiting for miracles


"The Jewish nation [at the time of construction of the Second Beit haMikdash] had a prophetic tradition that before the true redemption there would be miracles in the heavens and earth, and the war of Gog and Magog…

"[They asked:] How may we say the time has come to build, if the time which must come before building, the time of signs and miracles, has not yet happened?

"Also, a condition of building was that they have rest from their enemies first, as they had experienced at the time when Shlomo built the Beit haMikdash, and that time of rest had not arrived; they were bound to the kings of Madai and Paras."

(Malbim to Chaggai 1:2)

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  1. The fact is that we ARE in the period of signs and miracles. Is the story of the establishment and history of the state of Israel not miraculous? We are experiencing "atchalta d'geulah reishit tzmichat geulateinu. The GRA told his disciples (in KOL HaTor) that the wars with the Arabs in Eretz Yisrael is in place of milchemet Gog and Magog. B'H the time for building is near. Btzipia legeulah shleima veshana tova ubrucha.
    David Tzohar

  2. The challenge is that everyone looks for something 'bigger' is the miracle... See Malbim on אענך בסתר רעם.