Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The purpose-driven mitzvah


"Know that all deeds of [Divine] service, like learning Torah, praying and performing other mitzvot, are intended only for one to study and to be involved in the commands of Gd, and to turn from the affairs of the world, as though you had involved yourself in Gd and ceased from everything else.

"However, if you pray with the movement of your lips, and your face is to the wall, and you think of your commerce, and you read Torah with your tongue but your heart is in the construction of your home without comprehending what you are reading, or you perform any mitzvah with your limbs like one who digs a hole in the ground or chops wood from the forest without thinking about that deed, the One who commanded it or the goal of the deed, then don't think you have achieved the purpose. You will be one who is 'close', as in Yirmiyah 12:2: 'You [Gd] are close in their mouths, but far from their innards.'"

(Rambam, Moreh haNevuchim 3:51)

כתיבה וחתימה טובה,

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