Monday, September 5, 2011

The body in which one will be resurrected


"The second principle [regarding the ultimate resurrection of the dead] is that it will not only be spiritual, such that the soul would return to a body other than the first one that was destroyed, as thought by Christian scholars. That would be a case of souls returning in different bodies, or a brand new creation and not the resurrection of those who had died.

"The Torah's belief is that the original body will be re-formed from the elements it had originally contained, with their qualities and quantities and blends, and with the soul that originally inhabited it."

(Don Isaac Abarbanel, Introduction to Yeshayah)

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  1. Is that really the view of "Christian Scholars"?

    I had no idea they had any more uniform idea about bodily resurrection than did Jewish scholars.

  2. DaleM-
    Keep in mind - This is a translation from a work written in Spain at the end of the 15th century, so that it is entirely possible that a single doctrine held sway in that place, at that time.