Saturday, September 3, 2011

Don't imitate Pharaoh!


"We have found regarding Pharaoh that he repented, saying, 'Gd is just, and I and my nation are wicked (Shemot 9:27).' However, his repentance did not endure beyond the time when he was struck by a plague, and when his situation eased then he became the old Pharaoh and a new plague was required, and so on.

"So it is with us, if our repentance is only on that day, when the trouble remains with us, and then when the truble passes a person returns to his old traits. This is not full repentance – and, just the opposite, it can increase Divine wrath, Gd-forbid."

(R' Yissachar Teichtel, Em haBanim Smeichah, Perek 3, citing R' Yosef Tzarfati)

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