Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Feeling guilty for sin, Part 2 of 2


"Advice: All day, he should neither think nor worry at all about what happened. He should only establish for himself a fixed time of day, about a quarter-hour, and only during that set time should he make a spiritual accounting. As the Ari z”l wrote, worry over sin is suitable only during the time of viduy [confession], not during the time of prayer and Torah study, which must be experienced in happiness. Only then [during that set time] should he make the spiritual accounting, as described in the words of our Sages, and the Rambam in his Laws of Repentance, with contemplation and the focus of his attention. Then he should think about abandoning the sin, regretting and commitment for the future.

"Immediately after the time passes, he should return to his learning in great joy, out of gratitude to G-d for His great kindness, giving us this marvelous strategy via the mitzvah of repentance to remove our pain and our spiritual defects. All day, he should not think about this [sin] at all, and only involve himself in Torah with a willing spirit, and he should feel boundless joy when his heart is full of wisdom."

(In the name of Rabbi Yaakov Kanaievsky, Etzot v'Hadrachot pg. 87)

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