Monday, April 7, 2014

Feeling guilty for sin, Part 1 of 2


"Among the traits of the spirit is this: When a person does something he ought not to have done, or he thinks a thought he ought not to have thought, immediately, feelings of guilt are awakened in him. In truth, this spiritual trait plays an important role, awakening the person and demanding that he not return to sin or act in that way again. This is the normal mode.

"However, one who stumbles in sin… and experiences feelings of guilt to the point that they occupy his thoughts all day, and who continually analyzes why and for what reason this happened and the like, and who cannot focus his thoughts, and who does not learn and pray properly because his thoughts are disturbed and don’t give him any rest – he should know that this is not the desire of the Creator, and this is not the proper way to use this [spiritual] trait."

(In the name of Rabbi Yaakov Kanaievsky, Etzot v'Hadrachot pg. 87)

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