Sunday, July 21, 2013

Grabbing the ears of a dog


"One who grabs the ears of a passing dog is like someone who involves himself in a fight that is not his own."

(Mishlei [Proverbs] 26:17)

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  1. Isn't this pasuq intriguingly backwards? It's like Shelomo haMelekh is telling us that it's stupid to hurt a dog in this way by comparing it to getting involved in someone else's fight. The intent, one assumes, is the reverse; that the fight is the lesson, and the dog is the metaphor.

    Also, don't heroes get involved in another's fight to save them? How do I know when I'm just torturing puppies and when I'm being heroic?

  2. R' Micha-
    Indeed; the Gra flips the pasuk in his explanation, and he also takes for granted that this refers to a person who is seeking his own enrichment rather than attempting to aid a victim.