Wednesday, October 17, 2012



I find the following source fascinating in theory, if troubling in application:

"Rav Yosef taught: What does the verse [Yeshayah 12] mean when it says, 'I will praise You, Gd, for You were angry at me, Your rage will settle and You will console me?'

"The verse speaks of two men who embark on a business trip, and one of them gets a thorn in his foot and is unable to continue; he begins to blaspheme Gd. Some days later the ship on which he would have traveled sinks in the sea, and he hears this and praises Gd...

"This is similar to Rabbi Elazar's statement: What does the verse [Tehillim 72] mean when it says, 'He performs miracles alone, and His glorious Name is praised forever?' Even the recipient of a miracle is unaware of the miracle he receives."

(Talmud, Niddah 31a)

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