Saturday, October 20, 2012

Omission for peace?


"Peace is so great that even Gd changed [the truth] for the sake of peace.

"Sarah said [regarding Avraham], 'My husband is old,' and when Gd re-told the conversation to Avraham He reported that she had said, 'I [Sarah] am old.'"

(Talmud, Yevamot 65b)

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  1. I think the subject line is misleading.

    We conclude from this incident only shinui (tellimg the truth misleadingly) is permissable, not outrighight lying. After all, in this incident Hashem told the thruth - Sarah did express disbelief because of her own age. He "just" omitted the bigger poeve about Abraham's.

  2. I have now edited it to say "Omission", but in truth I am not satisfied with this. The gemara didn't consider this an omission, as evidenced by the fact that the gemara does not quote Sarah's statement about her own age, and as evidenced by the way the gemara uses Hashem's staetment to justify more explicit deception.