Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aesthetics and the Kohanim


"The Torah says [describing the kohen gadol (high priest)] 'And the kohen who will be greater than his brethren.' This teaches that he must be greater than his brethren in strength, beauty, wisdom and wealth.

"Acheirim said: How do we know that if this kohen has no wealth, his brethren kohanim must give it to him? The verse says, 'The kohen who is greater from his brethren' - make him great, from the property of his brethren."

[One idea involved is that the service in the Beit haMikdash must be aesthetically beautiful as well as spiritually elevated. Aesthetics are neither trivial nor irrelevant when it comes to serving Gd.]

(Talmud, Yoma 18a)

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