Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 47 of the Omer - Humble Leadership


The Sephirah of the Omer's seventh week is Malchut. Malchut is Monarchy, the ability to guide and influence others.

In addition, the Sephirah of the fifth day of each Omer week is Hod. The kabbalists linked the word Hod (הוד), which means "glory", with Hodaah (הודאה), meaning "thanks" or "confession", to deduce that הוד is a glorious humility.

The combined Sephirah for Day 47 of the Omer is therefore Hod sheb'Malchut, "humble leadership", suggesting an influence which is applied modestly.

Mishlei 29:18 teaches, "Without vision, the nation will run wild," and the leader has the honour of providing that vision, but arrogance will limit his effectiveness. Arrogance in a leader is bad for pragmatic reasons; it can lead to insensitivity, errors, and rejection by the people he is meant to guide. Further, from an ideological standpoint, leadership should intimidate the leader as he becomes aware of his responsibility to lead well. Therefore, for reasons of both practicality and responsibility, a good leader will be humble.

Today's Sephirah instructs us to apply the leadership of Malchut with the humility of Hod.

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