Saturday, April 2, 2011

Prepare a Will


"Sometimes a person depends upon himself, planning that when he will be close to death he will create a will and instruct his children to give to Torah study and other sacred causes on his behalf.

"Obstacles may arise, though. First, who knows whether he will have a clear mind? This, too, requires merit, to be able to instruct his children. Some people die, Gd-forbid, of abnormal and sudden deaths.

"Further, who knows that his children will fulfill his instructions? In our great sins, this is also known to happen, for greed causes a person to violate his Creator’s intent and his parent’s intent.

"Therefore, Shlomo haMelech instructed [Kohelet 9:10], “Do all that is in your power,” meaning that it would be better to direct one’s assets… when he is still strong, when he will be wise and able to do it in such a way that his desires will be honored."

(R' Yisrael Meir Kagan (Chafetz Chaim), Ahavat Chesed 3:4)

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