Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Mitzvot of Pesach - Handling the Korban Pesach


The Korban Pesach symbolized the Jewish people's newly-acquired freedom from slavery in Egypt, and so it was to be eaten in a royal manner. Therefore, HaShem gave the Jews two rules:
1. Not to take portions of the Pesach offering out of the place where the asseumbled group eats it;
2. Not to break the bones of the korban, as one would do in order to reach the marrow.

When impoverished people enjoy a feast, they save portions and take them home, and they break the bones to get at the last bit of edible meat. Ordinarily we are trained not to waste anything, and so one might think we should take home the leftovers and pursue the marrow – but we are taught to create a feeling of royalty and freedom with the korban pesach, to commemorate the joy of our departure from Mitzrayim.

(Sefer haChinuch, Mitzvah 15-16)

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  1. The Korbon Pesach is a bitter sweet Mitzvah. We can read about it, study the Halacha and do the necessary devotions on Erev Pesach. We even have the consolation of knowing that HaShem credits with the Mitzvah when we perform in in speech. Alas, but in Malchut, the world of action nothing is as good as performing the actual Mitzvah. So, it leaves me dissatisfied as with all of the Mitzvahs for which we must wait until Mashiach arrives to restore us to our rightful place in the Beis HaMikdosh. Therefore,we can do all the learning, but for now the real Mitzvah is in the yearning.