Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mitzvot of Pesach - The timeframe for the Korban Pesach


The Sefer haChinuch points out that mitzvot are marked as significant if they have an allotted time period of their own, during which their rituals must be performed and into which nothing foreign is permitted to intrude. In keeping with this theme, the Torah instructs us to eliminate all chametz before midday on the fourteenth of Nisan (the Sefer haChinuch's Mitzvah 89), and only afterward may we bring the korban pesach.

At the other end of the mitzvah, we are instructed (Mitzvah 90) to ensure that all of the fats of the korban pesach, which are meant for the mizbeiach, are burned by morning. This is separate from our obligation (Mitzvah 8) to ensure that the meat of the korban pesach is not left over until the next morning.

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