Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Mitzvot of Pesach - Korban Pesach and Brit Milah


The korban pesach symbolizes our rejection of Egyptian lamb-worship and our acceptance of HaShem, which includes the message HaShem taught Avraham and Sarah, and the brit milah covenant. Therefore, an arel (an uncircumcised male) may not eat from the korban pesach, and neither may his parents. This is the 17th mitzvah recorded by the Sefer haChinuch.

Interestingly, the talmudic sage Rava (Yevamot 71b) says that an arel's mother also may not eat from the korban pesach, even though only the arel's father is obligated to circumcise him. Maharsha explained that this is because the brit milah requirement for korban pesach is not a law regarding brit milah; it's a function of the korban pesach, a requirement that we confirm our commitment to the brit of Avraham before we may participate in our national redemption. This applies to both parents.

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