Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good intentions do not suffice


"They asked me what I knew of the claims and refutations against the philosophers and proponents of religions who disagree with us, and the heretics who oppose the nation of Israel. 

"I remembered that which I had heard of the claims of the habr who was with the Khazar king, who became a Jew about 400 years ago, as recorded in the books of chronicles. He experienced a repeated dream, as though a malach spoke with him, saying, 'Your intent is desirable to the Creator, but your deeds are not desirable.' He tried hard, within the Khazar religion, serving in their sanctuary and bringing offerings wholeheartedly. For all that he worked at those deeds, though, the malach came to him at night and said, 'Your intent is desirable, but your deeds are not desirable.' And this caused him to investigate beliefs and religions, and in the end he and many Khazars converted to Judaism."

(Rabbi Yehudah haLevi, Kuzari 1:1)

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