Monday, September 2, 2013

Eating sweet and rich foods for Rosh HaShanah


First, a personal request: I would like to take a moment to ask everyone receiving this email/RSS feed for mechilah (forgiveness) for anything hurtful or offensive I wrote, or should have written and did not, in the past year. I know that people's sensitivities are varied, but I am not always as careful as I could be. If there was anything at all, please do let me know. I can grow by learning from my mistakes.

"We eat tisni [cracked wheat] with meat and drink honey and sweet things so that the coming year will be rich and sweet. And so it is said in Ezra (Nechemiah 8:10), 'Go and eat rich foods…'"

ומה שאנו אוכלין טיסני עם בשר ושותין דבש וכל מיני מתיקה. כדי שיהיה השנה הבאה עלינו שמינה ומתוקה, וכן אומר בעזרא לכו אכלו משמנים

(Raavyah II Rosh haShanah 547)

May we be inscribed and sealed for a great new year,

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