Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Deep and the Hidden, Part 1 of 3


Daniel 2:22 says Gd "reveals deep and hidden things". What does this mean?

"R' Yehudah bar Simon began: "He reveals deep and hidden things" –

""He reveals deep" is Gehennom, as in Proverbs 9:18, "[The fool] does not know that spirits are there [in the depths]; those she called are in the depths of the grave," and Isaiah 30:33, "For tifteh was arranged from yesterday; it is even prepared for the king, deep and broad, its pile is fire and a great amount of wood, the breath of Gd is like a stream of sulphur burning there."

""And hidden" is the Garden of Eden, as in Isaiah 4:6, "And [on Mount Zion] there will be shelter for shade by day from dryness, for protection, a hidden place, from storms and rain," and Psalms 31:21, "You hide them in the hidden area of Your presence.""

(Midrash, Bereishit Rabbah 1:6)

To be continued...

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