Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reward and the Afterlife


"They taught in the yeshiva of R’ Yaakov… If a person's father told him to climb a building and bring back young birds, and he ascended, sent away the mother and took the young, and then upon his return he fell and died, what of his “length of days” [promised biblically as a reward for honoring parents and for sending away a mother bird before taking the young] and where would be the good due to him?

"Rather, “so that your days will be aroch” refers to the world that is entirely aroch, and “so that it will be good for you” is in the world that is entirely good.

"But perhaps such an event simply could not happen? R’ Yaakov witnessed such an event."

[Note: I did not translate "aroch" because some render it as "long" and others as "of high quality". The former is Hebrew, the latter is Aramaic. I could see arguments for either translation.]

(Talmud, Chullin 142a)

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