Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The entrances of Gehennom


I'm not certain what to draw from this, but I think it's interesting to contemplate:

"R’ Yirmiyah ben Elazar said: Gehennom [Hell] has three entrances – in the wilderness, in the sea, and in Jerusalem. In the wilderness as it is written, ‘And they, and all they had, descended alive in She’ol.’ In the sea as it is written, ‘I cried out from the belly of She’ol, and You heard my voice.’ In Jerusalem as it is written, ‘The word of Gd, who has light in Zion and an oven in Jerusalem.’ It was taught in the yeshiva of R’ Yishmael – The light is Gehennom, and the oven is the entrance to Gehennom."

(Talmud, Eruvin 19a)

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  1. i think one can see that gehnnom is in places there are integral for human the wilderness-were we draw places to live,a source for food,paper etc.
    the waters-for drinking,for food etc.
    and yershaluim-the heart and soul of this world,were hashem's very presence rests.
    i think this comes to show us-
    gehonnim is essential to our neshmas.