Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to read Tehillim


"Two people read Tehillim [Psalms], one of them lacks for nothing, the second is drowning in trouble, Gd-forbid. This one reads it as words spoken by King David, as though he is re-telling a story of the past. The one who is crushed by suffering cries out, 'I drown in the depths!', his own cry, and King David is only giving his mouth the words to produce his cry from his heart."

(R' Klonynus Kalman Schapira, Bnei Machshavah Tovah, Seder Hadrachah uKlalim 1)

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  1. h to eirusin and nissuim is The Maharsha comparing learning tora to eirusin and nissuim is kashe. Must we "learn" our spouse before marriage? How is this possible? The kushia is even greater since today eirusin(kiddushin) and nissuin come one right after the other under the chuppah.

  2. David-
    (I assume you meant for this to go on the post from the previous day, but I'll reply here.)
    To me, it's a mashal rather than something literal - but, yes, we "learn" our spouse before marriage.