Thursday, February 17, 2011

What happened atop Mount Sinai?


[The Torah says regarding the luchot [tablets], ‘And He gave to Moshe, when He concluded speaking to him.’ (Shemot 31:18)]

“Rabbi Avahu said: All through the forty days when Moshe was up above, he studied Torah and forgot it. He said to Gd, ‘Master of the Universe, I have had forty days and I still don’t know anything!’

“What did Gd do? At the conclusion of forty days, Gd gave him the Torah as a gift, as it is written, ‘And He gave to Moshe.’

“But did Moshe learn the entire Torah? Job 11 says, ‘Its measure is longer than the land, and broader than the sea!’ Could Moshe have learned it in forty days?!

"Rather, Gd taught Moshe principles [כללים], as it is written, ‘When He concluded [ככלתו] speaking to him.’”

(Midrash, Shemot Rabbah 41:6)

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