Thursday, February 24, 2011

Repent in time


"There are wicked people who are paired up in this world, and then one of them repents before his death and the other does not, so that the former stands with the righteous and the latter with the wicked [when they arrive in the Next World]. The latter sees the former, and says, 'Woe is me! Is there favoritism involved? We stole together, we murdered together, and he stands with the righteous while I stand with the wicked!'

"They reply to him, 'World-class fool! You were revolting, and your body was cast out for three days after your death!... When your friend understood this, he repented of that path. You had the ability to repent and did not do so.'

"He then says, ‘Let me go and repent,’ and they reply, ‘World-class fool! Don’t you know that this world is like Shabbat, and the world from which you came is like Friday? If one does not prepare on Friday, what will he eat on Shabbat? Further, this world is like the sea, and the world from which you came is like the land; if one does not prepare on land, what will he eat at sea?...'"

(Midrash, Ruth Rabbah 3:3)

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