Thursday, July 22, 2010

Re-creating Sinai


"Rabbi Eliezer's study hall was arranged like eyelashes (in an arc, presumably), with a single stone designated as his seat. Once Rabbi Yehoshua entered and kissed the stone, saying, 'This stone is like Mount Sinai, and the one who sits there is like the Ark of the Covenant.'"

(Midrash, Shir haShirim Rabbah 1)

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  1. I think it was much more relevant to be a "limed cistern" in the time of the mishnah before there were printed books. Today with the advent of the computer itseems totally irrelevan. I would think that "an uprooter of trees" shemeivin davar metoch davar is much more important.

  2. A valid point, to a point. The CD ROM and Internet search are of limited value when it comes to real, creative scholarship.