Saturday, July 17, 2010

Exile from the Garden of Eden and Exile from Israel


"Rabbi Avahu cited Hosheia 6:7, 'They are as man [Adam], they violated the covenant.' This is a reference to Adam the First.

"Gd declared: I brought Adam the First into the Garden of Eden (Bereishit 2:15), I gave him instructions (Bereishit 2:16), he violated My instructions (Bereishit 3:11), I sentenced him to divorce (Bereishit 3:24) and exile (Bereishit 3:23) and I mourned him with 'Eichah' (Bereishit 3:9). It is written as 'Eichah' [even though it is read as Ayekah].

"So, too, I brought his children to Israel (Yirmiyah 2:7), I instructed them (Vayyikra 24:2), they violated My instructions (Daniel 9:11), and I sentenced them to divorce (Hosheia 9:15) and exile (Yirmiyah 15:1), and I mourned for them 'Eichah' (Eichah 1:1)."

(Midrash, Eichah Rabbah Petichta 4)

May we soon see the rebuilding of the Beit haMikdash,

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