Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Neturei Karta


"Rabbi Yehudah haNasi sent R' Asi and R' Ami to go repair the cities of Israel. They would ascend to cities and say, 'Bring us the guardians of the city ["Neturei Karta נטורי קרתא"].' The people brought out the heads of the guards. R' Asi and R' Ami said, 'Are these the guardians of the city? These are the destroyers of the city!'

"The people asked them, 'Then who are the guardians of the city?'

"They replied, 'These are the teachers of Torah and Mishnah, who read and teach and guard the Torah day and night, as it is written (Yehoshua 1), 'You shall read it day and night,' and (Tehillim 127), 'If Gd will not build a house, its builders will have worked for nothing. If Gd will not guard a city, its guard will have been diligent for nothing.'"

(Midrash, Eichah Rabbah, Petichta 2)

May we soon see the rebuilding of the Beit haMikdash,

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