Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moshe selects the spies


Two alternative explanations for why Gd said to Moshe (Bamidbar 13:2), "Send agents for yourself" -

"Alternatively: Send agents for yourself, specifically, meaning that you will look at them with Divine inspiration to judge whether they are good for this mission. Most people err in assessing flatterers who display themselves as kosher and wear a coat of hair in order to deceive...

"Alternatively: Agents for yourself - they appear to you as important people because you look with eyes of flesh to see only that which is visible, as it is. At that time they were kosher. But in My eyes they are not kosher, for I see on two levels, present and future, and I see that they will participate in evil counsel."

(Kli Yakar to Bamidbar 13:2)

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