Sunday, June 20, 2010

Message to Moshe: Trust the Jewish People


"[Gd said to Moshe in Sh'mot 15, as the Jews stood at the brink of the Sea,] “Why do you cry out to Me” – Moshe was included in the biblical passage that said, “And the Jews [standing at the Sea] cried out to Gd.” However, Moshe’s cry was not out of fear of Pharaoh and his forces, for he had already told the Jews of the future downfall of Egypt, saying, ‘You shall not see them thus again; HaShem will fight for you.’

"Moshe's cry was against the officers of Israel, who were bold in saying, ‘Are there not enough graves in Egypt?’ Moshe thought that the people would not listen to him and enter the sea, because of their complaints. Therefore HaShem said to him, “Why do you cry to Me” in this manner? You suspect those who are kosher! Speak to My children, and they will travel [into the Sea]; they will not rebel against your word."

(Rav Ovadia Sforno to Sh'mot 15:15)

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