Monday, June 21, 2010

Comparing the generosity of women to a stream


"It is known that women benefit paupers more directly, with tzedakah and kindness that are compared to a flooding stream. Tzedakah flows, providing benefit to others, and so it is like a stream. The choicest of the kindnesses of the women of Israel is when they bring others to Torah and service of Gd… like a mikvah of purification, bringing the Jewish people to sanctity… This is why the well was given in Miriam’s merit, and the well left when she died…

"Like a stream, even if it is not qualified for immersion because it lacks 40 seah or because it is zochalin, many people still benefit from it. Still, it’s better if the stream leads to a spring or to a great river, to complete its kashrut, meaning that it leads to sanctity. So the deeds of women in helping a person, even if they are not specifically dedicated toward sanctity, are still good like a stream of tzedakah."

(Netziv, Haamek Davar to Bamidbar 24:5)

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