Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where is Gd?


"“And I will walk [v’hithalachti] in your midst” - A mithalech is someone who walks here and there, rather than remain in a given place exclusively.

"HaShem said: If you will perform My mitzvot, I will walk among you. The influence of Divine honor will not be limited to one place, as it was in the Mishkan and Mikdash, as it is written, “And they will prepare a Mikdash for Me and I will dwell among them,” meaning that I will dwell among them in this way and in this place alone, as I had stated at first, “The place where I will meet with you,” “There I will meet with the Children of Israel.”

"Rather, I will walk among you, and My glory will be visible everywhere you are located. Wherever the righteous ones of the generation will be, that place will be more sacred than My dwelling above, for there My intent will be brought to fruition.

"It is written (Yeshayah 66:1), “The Heavens are My throne, and the earth My footstool,” and yet, “To this one I will gaze: To the one who is humble and of low spirit, who trembles at My word.”"

(R' Ovadiah Seforno to Vayyikra 26:12)

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